Paul Thompson {Ecologist} | About
My name is Paul Thompson and I'm a freelance Ecologist with a passion for the natural environment and reporting in word, image and videography the catastrophic impacts man is causing through climate change and biodiversity destruction.

We cannot simply 'give up' despite the overwhelming odds, there is much that can and is being done by like-minded motivated people and organisations on a local and global scale. We are however running out of time and effective action must be taken NOW as it's estimated that in the last 40 years alone half the planets wildlife both marine and terrestrial has been lost. People and business stop listening to the "nightmare" message, they need hope and that hope must start with local issues that they can relate to and be passionate about.

In 2012 I founded the Daily CarbonFix which has 14,500 readers daily and in 2013 sold my 102 staff strong environmental consultancy of 20 years to Innovation Group PLC . 

I'm a Chartered Biologist,Ecologist,Forester and member of the Royal Photographic Society. In 2006 I won the British Insurance Industry Environmental Innovation Award at the Royal Albert Hall London and in 2013 was appointed global Climate Leader with the Al Gore Climate Reality Project.

Above all else I am a very lucky dad and partner x